Beach Shells

High Quality Montessori Toys Delivered In The UK

The Montessori method of teaching is renowned for helping children develop their natural interests and activities, instead of just relying on formal teaching methods.

A Montessori classroom should be filled with inspiring toys that encourage a child’s creativity and stimulate their senses. It should reflect what Maria Montessori herself wrote, ‘The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.’

Many studies have shown this type of teaching is more effective and enables children to learn many key skills, including self-discipline. In 2017 a review found there was broad consensus of its efficacy.

It helps a child develop those essential skills already within them, enabling them to master the creative learning process all through his life. Montessori teaching methods centre around several elements of human psychology, including communication, abstraction, exploration and manipulation of the environment.

Play reflects the different developmental stages of a child and the right toys make all the difference. Independent play is an important part of the Montessori teaching method. A well-prepared learning environment is key for encouraging children to develop their unique skills.

No matter if you’re shopping for toys for a Montessori nursery or an individual, ColourMe Lincoln has a great choice of products available for delivery in the UK,

Montessori toys are brilliant for sparking a child’s imagination and creativity.

As might be imagined, these types of toys are colourful and appeal to all children’s senses.

Beach Shells

Our beautifully designed toys are perfect for creating sensorial explorers. Among our latest range is this ColourMe Beach Shells, a box of crayons which closely resemble real shells. Suitable for children aged over 36 months, this box of beach shells is a wonderful gift for any parent keen on this teaching method.

Butterfly Tray

Other products include our sensory trays which come in a variety of styles, such as this DrawMe Butterfly Tray which is handmade from beech wood. Each tray can be filled with sensory items, such as felt balls with tongs, rice with scoops or natural sensory products such as dried nature pickings. They’re also an easy place to store all items during play.

All our wooden educational resources are UKCA Tested. However, your child should always be supervised by an adult when using our boards.

Who are we?

ColourMe Lincoln is ideal for anyone looking for the delivery of Montessori toys in the UK. All our products are delivered in recyclable packaging and made from non-toxic materials.

A family-run business based in Lincolnshire, we’re committed to creating imaginative toys your child loves. Our crayons and wooden toys ensure quality play for children based on the Montessori method.

If you want more information on any of our products, our friendly staff is always happy to assist you. Sign up to our ColourMe Club and you’ll receive exclusive discounts and updates.

If you’re looking for Montessori toys delivered in the UK, explore our latest collections today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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