Beautifully Crafted Montessori Wooden Toys

Beautifully Crafted Montessori Wooden Toys

Wooden toys have a charm and beauty that plastic toys tend to lack. They’re popular with Montessori teachers because they’re highly durable, environmentally-friendly and can withstand many years of use. 

Let’s face, they’re also generally more attractive. The texture of wood gives these types of toys more aesthetic appeal, which makes them more tempting to children. These sorts of Montessori toys are therefore brilliant for the development of babies and toddlers.They remind children of the natural world and have a classic look that never goes out of style. 

Walk into any Montessori classroom and you’re likely to see plenty of wooden toys, including those designed to encourage sensorial exploration. Since wood is a natural substance, it also won’t cause any health issues, especially if non-toxic varnishes are used.

Thanks to a rising awareness of climate change, wooden toys have become even more popular, and not just with Montessori teachers or parents who use this method. They’re the sorts of toys which get passed down through generations. 

Whether you’re a Montessori teacher or want your child to learn using this method, ColourMe Lincoln has a range of toys designed for education and play.

Among our range are many wooden toys crafted with sustainable materials. That includes sensory boards in a variety of designs, such as this DrawMe Board featuring a dragonfly. Made from a thick solid beech wood, it has a natural oil finish.
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