Beautiful And Natural Educational Sensory Toys

Beautiful And Natural Educational Sensory Toys

The Montersorri educational method is famous for encouraging children’s creativity. There are also a wealth of other benefits to choosing this form of teaching. Montessori teaching encourages cooperative play, helps children to learn self-discipline, and is more effective in teaching particular skills.

It also focuses on key development stages. For instance, children aged around four-year-olds work on fine motor skills and do activities like arts and crafts. This teaching method is highly individualised for each student, with each child learning at their own pace.

One of the joys of the Montessori teaching methods is the toys!

Walk into any Montessori classroom and there’s a treasure trove of lovely toys. Designed to encourage kids to experiment and develop their fine motor skills, these sensory toys are designed to be physically handled by children.

They tend to be much more beautiful than the average children’s toys. Such toys are usually made of high-quality and natural materials. Designed to attract a child’s attention, they should fully engage them in performing activities.

Plastic is a big no-no with this form of teaching because of the harmful toxins that reside in such materials.

ColourMe Lincoln has a wonderful range of educational sensory toys available to order online.

Based in Lincolnshire, our family-run business creates toys inspired by our love of nature and sensory play.

We’re ideal if you’re looking to buy educational sensory toys which are environmentally-friendly. Not only are all our products sustainable, ColourMe Lincoln plants a toy for every order.


Among our range of educational sensory toys is DrawMe Shells which are great for sorting, filling and encouraging fine motor skills. They’re ideal for using with our sensory boards, which come in a variety of styles. Because they consist of small parts, they’re not suitable for children under 36 months of age.

Detailed and imaginative ColourMe crayons.


We also have a wide range of gorgeous crayons, like these ColourMe Pot of Plants. LIke all our crayons, they are made from branded non toxic wax. Children will love getting creative using these unique and colourful crayons.

These crayons come in a panoply of different shapes and colours.

If you want more information on any of our educational sensory toys, our friendly team is happy to help. Join our ColourMe Club and you’ll receive the latest news on our products along with exclusive discounts.

If you’re looking for educational sensory toys, explore our latest collection today.

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